Volunteer of The Week Feature

Within every organisation there is a team of volunteers, be they trustees, administrative, front line delivery volunteers, campaigners or advocates. We all know they are the life blood of the voluntary and community sector. It is important that we acknowledge those individuals with a pat on the back which they rarely seek but it’s nice to do it all the same.
Within the bulletin we are launching volunteer of the week.
To make it as easy as possible for your organisation to nominate someone we have created a simple online form for you to complete. There are a few easy boxes to populate and then email us a picture to info@vcwb.org.uk. Bear in mind that you do need their permission. This isn’t a competition for the longest serving or the most hours in a week. It really is just to celebrate the contribution that volunteers make to your organisation. It even be your newest volunteer. If we have more than one nomination for the week, we will carry nominations over to subsequent bulletins or sometimes have a couple of volunteers of the week.

Garry Poulson
Director, VCWB

Please put 'Volunteer of the week picture' and Volunteer name in the email subject line.
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